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It was a logical step for ASP to become a certified Dell Boomi partner. Not only because it fits perfectly in our solution of ServiceNow, but also because we can help our clients leverage the full potential of Boomi and connect any combination of cloud and on-premise applications in a record time and cost-effective way.

About Dell Boomi

The platform specializes in cloud-based integration, API management and Master Data Management. It’s an on-demand multi-tenant cloud integrations platform for connecting cloud and on-premise applications and data.
For customers it makes it possible to design cloud-based integrations processes, Atoms, and transfer data between cloud and on-premise applications.


Why this is a good match

Thanks to this partnership, ASP will be able to simplify his clients infrastructure and data management. Within 3 weeks, we will be able to build, deploy and manage your most complex integration flows.

All of this fits perfectly into our range of services. And thanks to our partnership with ServiceNow we are able to connect/synchronise your data over different platforms.

10 good reasons to adopt Dell Boomi:

Still not convinced of the power of Dell Boomi? No worries, here are 10 good reasons to start with the platform:

  1. It’s a market leader and a proven solution with 8,200+ customers (incl. 130 of Fortune 500 companies)
  2. The simple and intuitive visual user interface helps to build integration flows for the most complex hybrid, on-premise and cloud architecture
  3. No hardware or software costs, no maintenance overhead
  4. Delivers fast, scalable, enterprise-class integration completely in the cloud
  5. Supports, out of the box, 100+ connectors to almost any on premise or cloud applications like Amazon, Microsoft Dynamics, ServiceNow, NetSuite, Oracle, SalesForce, SAP, Sielbel, Twitter…
  6. Crowd intelligence with features like “Boomi Suggest “, “Boomi Resolve” and “Boomi Assure”
  7. Provides economies of skill across different integration scenarios
  8. Provides a centralized monitoring dashboard for all your integration flows
  9. Proven scalability : Traffic volume is available on
  10. Beside integration, Dell Boomi also offers API and Master Data management

Our ASP team is ready!

Our team is prepared to answer your questions about Dell Boomi and if you want to know why Dell Boomi is a good choice for your company, we can only advise you to talk to our expert!

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