ASP Steps Challenge

ASP Steps Challenge

ASP will start 2021 with a fun and sportive internal challenge. The goal will be, as teams and individuals, to walk or run as many steps as we can for a period of two weeks: from January 8th to January 22nd.

This challenge will allow us to:

  • Interact and reconnect with each other
  • Move more and feel better (World Health Organization recommends for an adult to walk 10.000 steps a day!)
  • Take the good habit of going for a daily walk before breakfast or after lunch or dinner
  • Challenge our colleagues as teams and individuals

The individual target was defined at 100.000 steps to be achieved in 2 weeks ( around 7.000 steps/day). If you look at it from a team perspective, every team is expected to achieve 500.000 steps in 2 weeks. As ASP, we challenge ourselves to walk more than 4.000.000 steps (close to 3.000 km: Brussels to Reykjavik )! If we achieve it, we will celebrate it together…

The Now App

In order to record and track our achievements, Roman Mathieu and Florent Poilvache together with the ServiceNow team built a ServiceNow mobile app. Registered participants will be able to record their performances in the Now application.

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