Check_MK/Nagios integration with ServiceNow

As an IT service provider, ASP has the challenge to make sure our engineers optimized their efficiency in solving our customers’ incidents and requests, resulting in a state of the art service for our customers. At ASP Check_MK is one of our monitoring tools which gives us a deep insight into the health of our customer’s infrastructure.

As soon as anomalies are detected or the thresholds are passed, our SOC (Security Operations Center) which is monitored by our on-duty system engineer is alerted by mail and SMS allowing us to take immediate action. With the adoption of ServiceNow, we realized we could take it even a step further!

We implemented a direct link between our monitoring tools and ServiceNow, which automatically generates updates and closes incidents based on events and correlations in Check_MK if needed the appropriate engineer will be alerted and can take immediate action (Hardware failure).

As a result of this integration, we have seen multiple advantages :

 Increase the efficiency of our engineers

  • Quicker resolution of incidents
  • Central overview of incidents (even automatically resolved incidents are recorded in ServiceNow)
  • Better problem management (better proactivity)
  • Lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

Developing and optimizing the integration between Check_MK and ServiceNow, showed us the power of the platform that ServiceNow is and the added value it brings to us and our customers. With this integration, we’re one step closer to our dream where orchestration will prevent or repair and solve an issue before it actually happens!

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