Great changes in the Belux Storage Market

Great changes in the Belux Storage Market

Nimble, NutanixSimpliVityEvoRailVCE… We are faced with a lot of new(er) players on the Datacenter Infrastructure market today, more specifically on the Storage Market. I think we can agree there are a lot of changes happening and there is a lot of traction in this market. Personally, I’m convinced we will see a consolidation in the coming 2 years. Some brands will grow and expand their footprint on the Belux market, others will disappear.

Nutanix – Hyper-converged infrastructure, compute & storage resources

I think everyone active in the Storage Market, being a partner or end customer, has to look at these players. With an open mind on the one hand and with a critical stance on the other hand.

In this blog post, I will share with you my personal opinion. One of the above names, which is great technology and will continue to grow at a tremendous pace, is Nutanix. In short, their concept is the following: Nutanix offers hyper-converged infrastructure, compute and storage resources that are natively integrated into a single x86based server. You can deploy scale-out clusters with an unlimited number of nodes. It reduces power and space, and dramatically eliminates storage complexity. The intelligence is in the software. This is where all the Nutanix magic happens: 100% software-defined with no reliance on special purpose hardware for resilience, performance and availability. Everything is distributed: all data, metadata and operations are distributed across the entire cluster, eliminating performance bottlenecks and enabling predictable scalability without limits. The system is self-healing: designed to tolerate component failures through fault isolation and automatic recovery without bringing down the overall system.

ASP has been a Dell Premier partner for years, with massive expertise and knowledge in the Equallogic and Compellent Solutions. Does this mean that these technologies have no future? Not at all! You need to clearly define the scope of your project. This is where we play a key role towards our customers: we act as trusted advisor. In some cases, an hyper-converged solution might not be the best fit, but if you go hyper-converged, you should go Nutanix, and more specifically the Dell-Nutanix XC series of products. That would be my advice.

Partnership between Nutanix & Dell

A great news for us was the announcement of the partnership between Nutanix and Dell.

The x-86 component is delivered by Dell. Customers can benefit from Dell’s long standing experience in the x-86 server business, combined with their great support offering. Nutanix needed a key partner for the server part and Dell was their choice. ASP, as a Dell Premier Partner, can offer this solution.

The feedback from customers who run Nutanix on Dell is very positive, compared to the feedback of customers running it on less enterprise class x-86 server vendors. If you invest in hyper-converged technology, you should do it right from the start by selecting a correct, enterprise class solution.

To summarize, the benefits for our customers are the following: reduction in overall capex and opex, limitless scalability, fastest time-to-value, smallest footprint.

Contact us for more information on this Dell-Nutanix webscale converged XC appliances solution.

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