ServiceNow Istanbul: our top 10

ServiceNow Istanbul: our top 10

ServiceNow has just released its 9th version called Istanbul. Yet again, ServiceNow hasn’t disappointed us with brand new and amazing features.
We’ve asked all of our ASP consultants to make a list of the best features from the ‘ServiceNow Istanbul’. Here is their Top 10!

On the HI portal (portal where you can manage your instances), there are benchmark charts available to see how well your company is doing compared to other similar companies. This is very useful when you want to have an idea of how well you are performing.

The CAB (Change Advisory Board) workbench is a new application that enables the CAB to schedule, plan, and manage CAB meetings. There’s an agenda where you can define filter conditions that determine which change requests are automatically associated for a meeting. You can specify a delegate to attend the CAB meeting on your behalf via the CAB delegate field on the Change Request form. Change requests can be approved or rejected during the CAB meeting, which are then processed through the appropriate workflow. Last, you can also record meeting notes, which can be viewed later by CAB members and change requesters.

The CMDB Query Builder provides a canvas where you can build complex infrastructures and queries that connect Configuration Items by various relationships. It’s very easy to use. All you have to do is just drag and drop items on the canvas, define their relationship and then use them to populate the CMDB.
CMDB Query Builder3

The Application Portfolio Management (APM) is a new feature that makes an inventory of your applications. The APM will help you see what these apps bring to your business, how they perform and how they may be improved.

The application consists of 3 parts.

  1. The APM Guided Setup gives you a step-by-step guide on how to build one from scratch.
  2. The APM Portal (very similar to other portals) gives you the option to view the important features of the app on one page.
  3. The application roadmap helps you rationalize applications using real-time data to know how they align with the company goals.
    Application Portfolio Management4

Users also have the ability to take a survey from the Service Portal. New question types like emoji’s, rankings, and multiple selections are now supported.


The application edit button allows you to edit any application or module just by clicking on the edit button next to it. This saves you time looking in the application menu to find the app you want to edit.
Application edit button6

If you want to test if your instance still works fine after an upgrade or any modification, you can run automated tests on your instance. These tests imitate performed actions without using any script. All you have to do is choose the data the test should operate on and click on “run”.
Automated Testing Framework7

You have now the option to add conditions to a related list and include a relationship with another table.
Related List Conditions8

A guided setup for Operation Management has been added. It includes setting up a Mid Server and Discovery. More options will probably be available in future releases.

ITOM Guided Setup9

Users have now the ability to receive a one-time password to get access to the portal when the LDAP is down. This property is active by default.

And you, what is your favourite feature? You can leave your comment below or contact us.

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