Servers & storage


ASP is a Dell Premier Partner for servers, storage and networking solutions. We are also a VMware Enterprise Solution provider. Our certified system engineers can deliver the right expertise and support your projects using all Dell Enterprise products:

  • Dell PowerEdge Servers
  • Dell Compellent Storage
  • Dell EqualLogic Storage
  • Dell PowerVault Storage

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Private Cloud


With private cloud solutions, ASP moves the focus towards providing business value through their service providers approach. We want to enable increased scalability and flexibility on infrastructure resources to provide increased customization and control at a lower overall price. The private cloud represents an opportunity to architect your service delivery infrastructure in such a way that the focus changes from keeping the lights on, to having a more agile platform capable of matching your business users requirements. Maximum benefits are gained as the private cloud is designed with built-in redundancy, without any single point of failure and with an emphasis on resiliency and time-to-service restoration.

Benefits of Private Cloud Computing:

  • On-demand capability
  • Rapid elasticity capability
  • Metered services capability

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Virtualization is in essence the separation of a service resource or service delivery from the physical delivery of that service. This means that hardware, such as servers, storage and networks, can act like a resource-pool instead of separate systems. In practice it allows on one hand, a single computer to run multiple operating system instances, and on the other hand multiple computers to act as a single server for your application. This allows the creation of virtual machines (VM) with virtual resources (CPU, operating system, storage etc.) and includes a hypervisor which gives out resources to the VM on an on-demand basis.

Benefits of Virtualization:

  • Fewer resources (servers, storage, physical networks)
  • Lower consumption of electricity
  • Operational simplification
  • Increased flexibility
  • Increased reliability
  • Higher availability

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Network & Wifi


Nowadays there are more and more connected devices, with interconnected applications, used on different locations… All those devices take a lot of throughput. Dell Aerohive is a cloud based Wifi solution with a high throughput.

Benefits of Dell Aerohive:

  • High reliability
  • Great manageability
  • Easily scalable to ensure high signal strength
  • All at a competitive price

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Microsoft Office 365 & Microsoft Azure


With Microsoft Office 365 for Business you can access your office on the go.

Benefits of Microsoft Office 365:

  • Custom business email domain
  • Cloud storage to access files from anywhere and facilitate remote team collaboration
  • Built-in security
  • Automatic software updates

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ASP offers managed services on your IT infrastructure or on ours, including 24/7 monitoring, backup & restore services, application operations, disaster recovery and business continuity solutions. Get accurate performance, capacity, reliability and availability across your enterprise assets for both applications and infrastructure.
We comply with ITIL standards for our IT managed services delivery.

We have a large team of certified system engineers, each of them possessing the necessary skills allowing them to operate in first, second or third line support. Their knowledge encompasses a broad range of products and technologies such as servers, storage & back-up systems, virtualization, networking, security, web technologies, directory services, database & application servers etc.

In order to better understand the managed services we are delivering, check our customer testimonials. As an example, today we are operating Brussels Airlines’ complete IT infrastructure (servers, storage, network & remote offices) with more than 100 mission critical applications. We are providing BC and full security management.


24/7 monitoring & operations


We take care that your business is up and running 24/7, so that your critical applications are available at all time. Our certified system engineers keep an eye on your system and network to ensure that it works continuously.

Our IT managed services include:

  • 24/7 monitoring with SMS notification during OFF hours
  • 24/7 on-site interventions in case of system failures
  • System changes via RFC on customer request
  • SLA / SLM Meetings and Reporting

Security monitoring & management


Security is the backbone of your IT infrastructure. When you decide to outsource your IT department to us we will take special care of the security of your IT infrastructure. Our security engineers will build a fortress IT security solution around your business’ critical data and information, and they will make sure that it is permanently maintained.

Our IT security services include:

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System patches & OS/Application updates


When you outsource your IT department to us we will take care of system and application updates.

What you can expect:

  • Proactive maintenance: installation of patches and security hotfixes during maintenance window
  • Patch and update planning and execution are carried out with minimal to no downtime

Disaster recovery & business continuity solutions


IT systems have become indispensable for managing and running your business nowadays. We have the necessary knowhow to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery. ASP can make sure that your business-critical systems have the highest availability. Contact us to discuss a business continuity solution tailored to your business’ requirements.

We have expertise of the following technologies:

  • Clustering
  • Load balancing
  • Virtualization


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IT security is a crucial component of your business’ IT infrastructure. Information nowadays should be accessible from different sites, platforms and devices, which requires more than ever a well-designed and permanently maintained security policy. A robust, scalable network solution is essential to allow your extended business community to access your core applications. Equally important is security to ensure that you build a fortress security solution around your business’ critical data and information.
ASP can assist you in planning your security network or to modify your current infrastructure to meet IT security standards required by your business.


Firewalls & VPN


We are a Check Point security partner since the very beginning: our first Check Point firewall was installed in 1995. Nowadays Check Point is still considered to be a Rolls Royce in terms of firewall / VPN infrastructure. Check Point is able to meet needs of complex enterprise networks due to a wide range of award winning products, software options and features. Our security engineers have the necessary know-how to help you protect your IT infrastructure making use of Check Point security software.




We can build a solid solution that makes sure that all security threats are blocked before the gateway.


Antispam & email security


We have the necessary know-how to make sure your email infrastructure is secure and spam free.


Load balancers


Load balancing means dividing the amount of work that a computer has to do between two or more computers so that more work gets done in the same amount of time and, in general, all users get served faster.

Benefits of load balancing:

  • To improve performance and capacity of an application by enabling it to spread across multiple servers
  • To improve availability and robustness of an application by detecting failures and switching to a different server
  • To provide additional application front end services e.g.
  • SSL acceleration
  • Caching
  • Compression
  • Intrusion prevention


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ServiceNow is changing the way your enterprise works and we at ASP want to bring this change to the Belgian market.
At ASP, we eat ITIL for breakfast, we breathe Service Delivery, we dream of customer satisfaction. In the modern enterprise, processes should be an enabler to fast and satisfactory service, not a burden or administrative overhead. We are in the Digital Transformation era: agility and speed are critical to growth and success.


For too long, IT has been known as a department of “no” or “slow”. By leveraging the ServiceNow Platform with its System of Action & Intelligent Workflows model and the ASP “4i methodology” (Investigate, Implement, Innovate, Iterate) we can implement your processes in a matter of days. Soon, your IT department will be known as the department of “NOW”!


As a knowledgeable and visionary Service Provider, ASP teams up with ServiceNow as a game-changing partner, providing virtually Everything-as-a-Service. Together we build solid, efficient, pragmatic processes with attention to both user friendliness and best practice. We want to help you implement easy-to-use, yet comprehensive support solutions, so you can focus on your core business.




We have certified implementation specialists to guarantee a smooth transition and deployment. We can design and adjust the instance to make sure it fits perfectly into your infrastructure.
We also offer demo sessions where we create a demo instance custom made for your company. In this session, a consultant will show you the capabilities and advantages of using this platform. This is also a great time for you to ask questions about specific requests to customize the platform to your needs.

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At ASP, we have a designated team of certified ServiceNow developers and administrators to maintain instances and to make sure it stays up and running with minimal to no complications. Our support works around the clock to guarantee service excellence.




Along with deployment, we offer training to bring your employees up to speed. With targeted guidance, our consultants will make sure that every kind of user will know specifically their use of the platform and be able to start working with it right away.

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