Teambuilding – From Zeebrugge to Blankenberge

Teambuilding – From Zeebrugge to Blankenberge

ASP held its teambuilding event on Friday 14th of September in Zeebrugge and Blankenberge.
“Every employee is unique and should be valued for his work; they are the mirror of the company. Without talents in your team, no projects could come up.” – Dany de Vleeschhauwer, Managing Director with ASP.
Keep our employees happy, that is the leitmotif at ASP. For that reason, ASP organized a ‘day and night’ team event at the seaside.

Meeting point

Before starting the afternoon activities, the team meets around a lunch at the Old Steamer, Zeebrugge. As soon as the batteries were charged, everyone was curious about the event, as the activities were kept secret. Sarah finally revealed the surprise: reach Blankenberge by boat for an exciting paper chase in subgroups of about 6 persons.

Accessing the RSBC harbor, the teams were given life jackets while jumping into the 4 ribs (Rigid Inflatable Boats). The weather was sunny and the temperature fine. However, once at sea, the waves reached heights of 70 cm and with the speed of the boats, the ride was interesting, to say the least. It remains a watersport…

From Zeebrugge to Blankenberge

What a good idea to be a tourist in one’s own country and more specific discover all sides of Blankenberge. After two hours trip by boat, we arrived in the pleasure harbor and the game could begin. The teams were very excited to take up the challenges:

  1. Take by groups a selfie of famous monuments. Walking through the entire city, each team had only one hour to create pictures of the oldest fisherman’s house, the pier, the casino, …

2.  Solve 3 enigmas. All teams worked hard to resolve the questions and find the correct answers.

3. Be able to make one of the knots, previously explained by the boat instructors.

Time to party

At the end of the day filled with emotion and sensation, adventure and reflection, it was time to enjoy a good dinner all together. First top: the t’Werftje. A world famous restaurant at the seaside where we have eaten a delicious menu prepared by renowned Chef. Seafood, lovely wine, a meal to remember.

For the bravest ones, the party kept going in the cocktail bar Old Steamer. Till early in the morning.

The very next morning

After a good night sleep, for some maybe (too) short, in our hotel in Blankenberge, ASP employees woke up for a breakfast buffet. It was also the time to reveal the winners of the competition. Congratulations to the Thinky team, who found all the correct answers to enigmas!

This teambuilding can be considered as a real success! New and more senior employees got to know each other better, and in a different way; interaction between the departments of ASP will contribute to an even better understanding of each other’s job and characters.
We built trust relationships and became stronger as a team.

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