Srivathsa Srikantan

When I got the offer from ASP I was a bit anxious, coming from a different country with a different culture, I was hoping to be valued & accepted within ASP and not feel like an outsider at work. Additionally, I had switched from a Presales IT domain without upfront knowledge of ServiceNow. But as soon as I walked on the very first day on my job, understood ASP has a diverse environment and a very warm inclusive culture by embracing each other’s uniqueness. ASP has diversity not only in the nationality of people where each one comes from a different place and culture but also ASP encourages & provides opportunities for its employees to grow from an overall different domain/skill. In my 1 year of work experience within ASP, I have never been treated differently due to my gender, racial background or cultural difference, or even language. Communication has never been an issue for me within ASP as everyone speaks English.  

In fact, I would say from my personal experience, this diverse mix within ASP definitely has helped me to have better discussions, visualize different perspectives, and take better decisions. One thing I can definitely say is that ASP provides equal opportunity and recognizes all its deserving employees irrespective of your diverse background that is why I love working at ASP. 

ASP is a cool place to work at, where you are guaranteed to have fun at work whether it is an interesting breakfast meeting, a BBQ event, Sinterklaas visit at the office or even a normal day at work where everyone enjoys sharing small jokes, playing pool & exchanging their food and cultural experiences with one another. 

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