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The Challenge:

Cyber-attacks are the enemy of data-driven businesses

To reduce business risk caused by cyber-attacks and to create a more cyber resilient approach to data protection, you can modernize and automate your recovery and business continuity strategies and leverage the latest intelligent tools to detect and defend against cyber threats. Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery provides proven, modern, and intelligent protection to isolate critical data, identify suspicious activity and accelerate data recovery allowing you to quickly resume normal business operations.

Our solution provides maximum control of data and infrastructure with a secure on-premises vault protected with an operation air gap and multiple layers of physical and logical security.

  • On premises in an air-gapped Secure Cyber Recovery vault
  • Compliance-level hardware-based immutability and NTP tamper protection
  • CyberSense identifies threats and helps enable assured recovery

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Protecting your business starts with protecting your data

cyber recovery

Cyber Recovery vault

The PowerProtect Cyber Recovery vault offers multiple layers of protection to provide resilience against cyber-attacks even from an insider threat. It moves critical data away from the attack surface, physically isolating it within a protected part of the data center and requires separate security credentials and multifactor authentication for access. Additional safeguards include an automated operational air gap to provide network isolation. and eliminate management interfaces which could be compromised. PowerProtect Cyber Recovery automates the synchronization of data between production systems and the vault creating immutable copies with locked retention policies. If a cyber-attack occurs you can quickly identify a clean copy of data, recover your critical systems and get your business back up and running


PowerProtect Cyber Recovery is the first solution to fully integrate CyberSense which adds an intelligent layer of protection to help find data corruption when an attack penetrates the data center. This innovative approach provides full content indexing and uses machine learning (ML) to analyze over 100 content-based statistics and detect signs of corruption due to ransomware. CyberSense finds corruption with up to 99.5% confidence, helping you identify threats and diagnose attack vectors while protecting your business-critical content – all within the security of the vault.

Recovery and Remediation

PowerProtect Cyber Recovery provides automated restore and recovery procedures to bring business critical systems back online quickly and with confidence. As part of PowerProtect Data Manager and for customers running Dell EMC NetWorker Cyber Recovery enables automated recovery from the vault. Dell EMC and its ecosystem partners provide a comprehensive methodology for protecting data, as well as performing damage assessments and forensics to either recover your systems or remediate and remove the offending malware.

Solution Planning and Design

ASP and Dell EMC Advisory Services help you determine which business critical systems to protect and can create dependency maps for associated applications and services, as well as the infrastructure needed to recover them. The service also generates recovery requirements and design alternatives, and it identifies the technologies to analyze, host and protect your data, along with a business case and implementation timeline.

Protecting your business starts with protecting your most valuable assets, ASP can help you today

As a Dell Technologies Platinum Partner, ASP delivers a proven solution to reduce all risks associated with cyberthreats. Leveraging Dell EMC’s cyber recovery solution will help your organization go beyond traditional backup and disaster recovery protection. This modern approach accelerates your ability to detect, respond and recover.


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