Zero trust communication with Zscaler.

Integrating Zscaler with CrowdStrike begins with the powerful concept of Zero Trust.

CrowdStrike’s Falcon platform continuously assesses the security posture of devices, generating a Zero Trust Assessment (ZTA) Score. This score reflects the device’s configuration and enabled security features. Zscaler uses this score to dynamically adjust access permissions. Users with high ZTA scores (e.g., 80 or above) enjoy seamless access to applications like Office 365, while those with lower scores might be routed through Cloud Browser Isolation to mitigate risks. This dynamic access control ensures that only secure devices can access sensitive resources, protecting the organization from potential threats.

Real-Time Threat Intelligence and Automated Remediation

The integration of Zscaler and CrowdStrike enhances threat intelligence and automates remediation processes. At ASP, we continuously update threats database with CrowdStrike, identifying malicious sites and actors. This threat intelligence is automatically synchronized with Zscaler, enabling immediate blocking of malicious sites. Zscaler’s sandboxing mechanism proactively blocks threats before they reach endpoints, and any detected threats are cross-referenced with CrowdStrike to identify affected devices. This coordination allows for swift and comprehensive responses, including automatic isolation of compromised devices to prevent lateral movement and further infection. Real-time feedback between the platforms ensures visibility and control throughout the remediation process.

Advanced Threat Detection and Response

Advanced threat detection and response capabilities are significantly enhanced through the integration of Zscaler and CrowdStrike. Zscaler employs deception technology, using honeypots to lure and identify threat actors within the network. High-fidelity alerts generated by this deception technology are sent to CrowdStrike for in-depth threat hunting and forensic analysis. Furthermore, Zscaler sends contextualized logs of user activity and application interactions to CrowdStrike, enabling detailed monitoring and analysis. If CrowdStrike identifies a compromised user, it can signal Zscaler to block the user’s access, effectively isolating the threat. This coordinated response ensures that threats are detected and neutralized swiftly, maintaining the security and integrity of the organization’s environment.
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ASP can integrate Zscaler solutions with Crowdstrike – a seamless fusion for a safer digital environment.

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