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Modern data center challenges require a new approach to storage infrastructure

With exponential data growth, storage continues to be a concern for most enterprises. Many struggles to get there. In the absence of one single infrastructure to manage their data—which is being created, processed and stored everywhere—businesses are faced with siloes of IT resources that are managed and consumed independently.

With PowerStore, businesses can speed up decision making, data access, and application performance. The solution also supports a range of traditional and modern workloads with its scale-up, scale-out architecture for block, file, and VMware vVols. PowerStore also streamlines application development and reduces deployment timeframes with VMware integration and support for management and orchestration frameworks such as Kubernetes, Ansible, and VMware vRealize Orchestrator.

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A new storage appliance designed for the data era

Any workload

PowerStore simplifies IT infrastructure by supporting a wide range of traditional and modern workloads with its scale-up, scale-out architecture for block, file and VMware vVols.

Performance Optimized

PowerStore is 7x faster and 3x more responsive than previous Dell EMC midrange storage arrays. This is thanks to NVMe SSD and support for Storage Class Memory that is powered by dual-port Intel Optane SSDs

Efficiency Without Compromise

The new PowerStore has always-on deduplication, compression and a guaranteed 4:1 data reduction.

DELL EMC Powerstore offers:

Data-centric design: Supports any on-premises or cloud workload (physical, virtual, block, file, VVOLs, apps, databases, and containers). It offers scale-up and scale-out compute and storage, supporting up to 2.8PB effective capacity on each appliance, and eight active-active nodes; high performance using end-to-end NVMe, dualport Intel Optane Storage Class Memory (SCM), and SSD; and always-on data reduction with at least 4:1 efficiency guaranteed.

Intelligent automation: With PowerStore, ASP can help you drive greater efficiency and lower operating costs with intelligent automation and simplified management. Built-in AI and machine learning analyze and evaluate resource levels, application demands and storage utilization to maintain system balance and improve performance.

Adaptable architecture: PowerStore brings storage into the digital age with an adaptable architecture that enables speed and application mobility, so applications can run directly on the appliance. From the edge to the core to the cloud, you can choose your desired deployment option while maintaining consistent operations. PowerStore even offers flexible consumption, with pay-per-use solutions and data-in-place upgrades.

With Dell EMC PowerStore, ASP delivers a data-centric, intelligent, and adaptable infrastructure that transforms and mobilizes any workload. Partner with ASP to get unprecedented freedom to evolve your IT, keeping pace with a rapidly changing world.


As a Dell Technologies Platinum Partner, ASP can create a recommendation specifically for your organization’s needs to modernize and optimize your IT infrastructure. By working with our team, we can help you achieve optimization in the most efficient and effective way. With a deep knowledge of the Dell product offerings, we can put together a recommendation for storage technologies based on what you already have in place and your future needs.


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