ServiceNow exercise

[title title_primary=”ServiceNow exercise” sub_title=”Are you convinced of the great power of ServiceNow?”]Instructions to follow:[/title]

Be part of something great: create your own personal instance and start playing around in the platform to fully discover and experience its potential.

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Once you have registered, login and request your own personal developer instance so that you can begin discovering ServiceNow.
Under the “Learn” menu, click on “Learning paths” to find all the training modules.

To know more about ITIL will help you, have a look here[/info-box][info-box icon=”ion-calendar”]

To get familiar with the ServiceNow platform, it is recommended to go through the following learning plan:
  • Developer site walkthrough (training)
  • New to ServiceNow (learning plan)

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5 last steps in your ServiceNow exercise
  • Brand to a company of choice: logo’s etc
  • Service Portal: make an item and publish this on the service portal, so employees/users can order or request something
  • Adapt the incident form with fields of your choice: make 5 custom fields and put them on the form
  • Build 2 views on incidents and explain how you did it
  • Build a visual task board and explain why you want to use it


                               Take your time, discover ServiceNow and above all, have fun with it!