Vulnerability Assesment

We scan your all your external vulnerabilities and help you to secure your environment.

Scan your (external) vulnerabilities

We scan a block of 8 public ip addresses seeking all known vulnerabilities. We provide you with a detailed report  (overview and details risks found and on tangible remediations). One of our security engineers holds a post scan meeting with you to discuss the scan results.

Internet Security

It is not a matter if you are vulnerable, only of knowing when you will be hacked. You cannot protect what you don’t know is at risk!

Network Protection

Our security experts will scan and examine your public ip space and deliver a meaningful report containing your Internet exposed services and detected vulnerabilities.

Professional Services

We can help you remediate the found vulnerabilities, by implementing patches, doing upgrades, of adding a layer of security. In the some case, we will refund your initial scan.

After Scan

Once updated and patched, we can do another scan. At 50% of the price of your initial scan!

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