Server Migration & Virtual Desktop at LanguageWire (Xplanation)

Xplanation was a distributor of translations and other services around company content. In 2015 Xplanation decided to extend its contract with ASP. They chose for a cloud infrastructure that is available for end users via a combination of Terminal Services and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

On October 31 2018, Copenhagen, Denmark, headquartered LanguageWire announced the acquisition of European rival Xplanation. Together, the two companies form a technology-driven global player that is perfectly suited to the growing demands of global brands. The ambition is to become the world’s leading multilingual content provider.

The challenge

Jurgen Goens (former Chief Operations & Technology Officer at Xplanation): “Our customers and external translation partners need to exchange files constantly. This happens via a secure portal. In practice, we experienced a lot of bandwidth issues, especially when working with Adobe programs, and the process was really time consuming.”

The solution

A cloud infrastructure for remote workers to assure fluid file transfer.

Bandwidth problems continuously delayed the file transfers which hampered Xplanation’s activities. The new cloud infrastructure allows to maintain workflow and documents online. Users can work directly with files and applications in the cloud from any place around the world. This is a huge time saver! Moreover, because documents are kept in the cloud the latest edited version is always immediately available to any user that has access to the cloud.

They choose ASP as a Managed Services Partner. They already decided some time ago to outsource its IT activities to ASP. By choosing for an IT managed services contract, they no longer need to worry about maintenance and other issues that come up with having your own infrastructure. As a result, this allows them to focus on their core activities. At ASP we take the whole package for our account, setup, security, 24/7 monitoring etc.

The result

In 2015 an RDS environment and VDI infrastructure were added for intensive users. As a result workflow, file transfer and access to files and applications is running more smoothly and improved collaboration.

Other advantages of the cloud are that capacity can be adapted to the amount of users and files they need for their activities. Security is also an important element of private cloud. In the same way , this is fully managed by ASP. In the new contract 100 RDS (Windows Remote Desktop Services) and 20 VDI (VMware Horizon) licenses were added, all of them united in the VMware Horizon Portal for a uniform user interface.