Dell EMC infrastructure at Galapagos

Galapagos is a publicly traded international biotech company, mainly specialized in development of new drugs and worldwide has about 850 employees. In this video, Marc De Boeck, IT Director of Galapagos, discusses the Dell Infrastructure project with ASP.

The challenge

Galapagos was seeking a new IT storage solution to be able to meet the demand for additional data capacity for both internal and external projects. As for many businesses, the data required in their company is growing almost exponentially every year. A very flexible and highly scalable solution was required: one that would allow Galapagos to have an understanding of the kind of data that is used on their network. The life-cycle management of data was another important aspect within their requirements.

The solution

Marc De Boeck remarks:

“ASP is indeed a well-established company with excellent reputation for years. I knew ASP for a long time. And it is particularly their pragmatic project approach and professional attitude that were the key elements for our decision to move ahead with them. This is exactly what we are looking for within a partner, this small additional value: the approach, the efficiency and the professionalism are very important to us.”

Galapagos needed a partner to get Dell Compellent storage implemented within their company. Having attended one of our seminars, they were able see a product presentation and also get a hands-on demonstration.

In a second session, in the Galapagos offices, the solution was set up so they could really work live on the system and use all the functionalities, testing in advance in a live environment.

The result

Marc De Boeck, IT Director of Galapagos stated in his interview that they were extremely satisfied with the approach of ASP. He commented that the professionalism and the approach of ASP exceeded their expectations. This was especially noted because it was not a classical environment. Of course there were existing environments: they had to move to the new SAN extension in parallel and that was all done smoothly, actually in a shorter time span than initially planned. The technical implementation was mostly done by Galapagos, as they had the necessary technical people. In this case it was a new product and technology for the Galapagos team so it was necessary to rely on the technical expertise of ASP. There they found that the knowledge and expertise of ASP people ensured that Galapagos were extremely well supported and their issues were resolved fast.

“Well I was extremely impressed by the approach of ASP, especially the human aspect and thinking together with the customer has certainly been extremely important to us. Not only looking at pricing so to speak, but really the result oriented way of working with the customer. We will definitely work with ASP closely in the future. The new, future projects will certainly be done together with ASP, definitely yes.”

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