Boomi is a 100% cloud SaaS solution.

In short, the Boomi platform offers the possibility to connect every service. As for the integration of SaaS applications, Boomi uses the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) of those SaaS solutions. Boomi supports a variety of services, something that has required many APIs to learn about. By incorporating this support into the platform as standard, the integration can therefore be arranged relatively easily and quickly. Large IT vendors such as Oracle and Google Cloud are logical names, but solutions such as Jira and Box can also count on support.


Boomi supports 200+ connectors to almost any on premise or cloud application including:

  • CRM & ERP: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Oracle Siebel, NetSuite, SugarCRM, etc.
  • Web services: Amazon, Google Apps, Marketo, ServiceNow, etc.
  • Social media: Flickr, Tumblr, Twitter, etc.
  • Enterprise applications: Anaplan, Shopify, Taleo, etc.
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Save time and money

No hardware costs. No software needed with expensive license fees. No maintenance required. Only one predictable and manageable monthly subscription. And the best part is ASP takes care of the licensing, full project delivery, support and on boarding.

Accelerate your business

Boomi simplifies your data management. Boomi even leverages crowd intelligence with features like “Boomi Suggest “, “Boomi Resolve” and “Boomi Assure”.

ASP makes it even more simple for you. We can help you build, deploy and manage your most complex integration flows thanks to Boomi’s API and Master Data management, within a few weeks.

What’s next?

Are you still hesitating to “boomi-fy” your business? At ASP, our certified Boomi data integration specialists know how to streamline your data integration challenges. Contact us for a 30 days free BOOMI trial combined with ASP’s 3 days integration Proof Of Concept.

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