DDoS attacks, Identity fraud, Spam mails, Credit card theft, Network floods, SQL injection, … Nowadays many new attacks exist, hitting your ICT infrastructure, potentially harming your infrastructure, and maybe eventually your brand.

IT security is a crucial component of your business’ IT infrastructure. Information is to be accessible from different locations, platforms and devices, which requires more than ever a well-designed and permanently maintained security policy. A very robust, scalable network solution is essential to allow your extended business community to access your core applications. Equally important is security to ensure that you build a fortress security solution around your business’ critical data and information.

ASP helps you securing your environment, from the firewall protecting you from the outside world, and at the same time blocking intelligently malicious data flows to proxy and reverse proxy solutions, load balancers, anti spam and email technology, antivirus and advanced threat protection. We assist you in planning your security network or modify your current infrastructure to meet IT security standards required by your business.

We are a Check Point security partner since the very beginning: our first Check Point firewall installation dates from 1995. Nowadays Check Point is still considered the Rolls Royce in terms of firewall / VPN infrastructure. Check Point is able to meet needs of complex enterprise networks due to a wide range of award winning products, software options and features. Our security engineers have the necessary know-how and experience to help you protect your IT infrastructure making use of Check Point security software.


Free Security Checkup

In a similar way that a doctor gives you a medical health check to help you understand your health status, a Security Checkup provides a security status of your organization’s networks. It will uncover security threats your organization is exposed to.

Your corporate network offers access to valuable and sensitive information. Information that must never fall into the wrong hands. Can you be sure there aren’t any hidden “surprises” threatening your most precious data assets? No stealthy malware, back doors, data leaks or other security vulnerabilities? Sign up for a free Security Checkup today!


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Attend our event and discover the best practices of integrating incidents and change processes with IT assets and configuration items on ServiceNow platform. It will be a live demo where our experts will explain how ServiceNow’s CMDB can provide a comprehensive view of your IT environment and enable you to make informed decisions about your IT infrastructure and changes. We will also show how ServiceNow can leverage Ansible deployment platform and Netbox discovery tool. It’s also a good opportunity to speak with our experts who attended ServiceNow’s Knowledge 2023.

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