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Our story

ASP couldn’t be something else than diverse, knowing that Doubi Ajami, the founder of the company has unexpected roots. Doubi Ajami, born in a Jewish family with Lebanese roots, came to Belgium as a young boy. As a hard worker and passionate about everything he does, Doubi defends his ideas, very often with suppliers and customers, for their own good and for a long-term vision. After his studies, he jumped in the IT sector and started AB Computers.  Dany De Vleeschhauwer, our Managing Director, joined AB Computers in 1988. Although Dany holds a master’s degree in biology, he is also very passionate about IT and quickly became Doubi’s right hand.  As the IT world was evolving fast and the need for IT managed services was growing, ASP was created.

Multiculturalism is part of diversity

Diversity is a unique characteristic of ASP, namely different nationalities, religions, ages, and backgrounds. Communication is important in every company. ASP has English as its working language, given the diversity of language backgrounds of the staff. Our colleagues originate from 16 different countries. 

It happens regularly that someone makes a (family) visit to his/her home country and brings a treat for the colleagues when they return to the office. This creates a pleasant, multicultural atmosphere at ASP, which makes our company quite unique. Also from abroad, Sri Lanka, our colleagues are active as system engineers for ASP. 


Diversity on another level

Besides the fact that there are many cultures living at ASP, there is also attention to diversity on another level. ASP is a thorough IT service provider, but also recognizes talents in applicants who are open to a career switch. Some colleagues joined our team, after a reorientation course, and managed to integrate fluently, even without previous IT background. With the appropriate guidance and training, we encourage them to grow and evolve according to their strengths and passion.  

All these diversity aspects taken into account make ASP a very interesting place to discover the ins and outs of the IT infrastructure and the IT world in general. Making mistakes is what makes us human. The emphasis at ASP is not on the error itself, but how we as a diverse team solve and learn from them. This is what ASP differentiates though the one big family culture that is very present within the company. 

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