We monitor and maintain your IT infrastructure.

Manage and operate your IT environment

Experiencing problems to manage your ICT environment? A lack of competences or resources, or because you are willing to focus on your core activities? Willing to make use of experts who are used to cope with complex environments and have their direct links with vendors such as Microsoft, VMWare, DellEMC, … ASP is your answer.

We have 24×7 operations, monitor all system parameters (hardware and OS), and go even further, we can define application monitors, allowing to detect incidents at an early stage, most of the time before even the users or IT staff detects the issue.

Patching systems, upgrading clusters, migrating your environment from on premise to the Cloud have no secrets to our matter experts, both on central infrastructure (servers, network) and client infrastructure. Reducing downtime and raising the End-user ability to make full use of all ICT systems are key for any IT department.

Services that scale with your business

Private Cloud

We manage a professional Server/networking/storage infrastructure in one of the best datacenters in Belgium InterXion.

We are Veeam

Store your backups independent of your location with Veeam Cloud Provider and keep your data in good place.

We are Dynatrace

The Dynatrace all-in-one platform provides answers, about the performance of your applications, their underlying infrastructure, and the experience of your end users. 

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Integrate all your platforms in one

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