Dany De Vleeschhauwer

Managing Director

Dany De Vleeschhauwer, our Managing Director, joined AB Computers in 1988. Although Dany holds a master’s degree in biology, he is also very passionate about IT and quickly became Doubi’s right hand. As the IT world was evolving fast and the need for IT managed services was growing, ASP was created.

Eveline Algoet

HR & Finance Manager

Eveline joined our company in 2018. She combines her passion for people and numbers by taking care of our day-to-day HR and Finance Management.
She is a foodie, she loves to hike & (e)bike, and is a proud mom of 2.

David Bohets

Head of Operations

David takes care of our customers by overseeing customer services and implementation of solutions. He sets and improves quality, performance, security and reliability by establishing the right policies, controls, standards and processes. His drive is to constantly meet and exceed customer expectations.

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