Private Cloud

With private cloud solutions, ASP moves the focus towards providing business value through their service providers approach. We want to enable increased scalability and flexibility on infrastructure resources to provide increased customization and control at a lower overall price. The private cloud represents an opportunity to architect your service delivery infrastructure in such a way that the focus changes from keeping the lights on, to having a more agile platform capable of matching your business users requirements. Maximum benefits are gained as the private cloud is designed with built-in redundancy, without any single point of failure and with an emphasis on resiliency and time-to-service restoration.

Private Cloud Infographic

Why not have your own Private Cloud?

ASP, as a Cloud Provider, can help you with the transformation from your traditional servers, storage and LAN based infrastructure to the new private cloud model. We can offer you private cloud hosting services. The architectural design we used and the best practices we experienced from the setup of our own private cloud servers are available for your IT organization. Through the lessons learned during the processes of architecture, designing, planning, deploying and managing, our private cloud will provide insights that will benefit you when you are ready to make this critical step and obtain the benefits of a cloud infrastructure. Finally the many lessons on how to effectively and efficiently run a cloud based operation will be shared with you, if we do this journey together.

For most IT organizations the journey to the cloud will represent a major departure from how they currently do business. Most likely, your current data center is a mixture of what you want and what you don’t want. The evolution of your environment to private cloud then presents you an opportunity to architect the service delivery environment you always wanted to have but were not able to realize in your current environment. We are here to to assist you with that!

Our partners are DellEMC data center solutions, for the core components of our private cloud, and InterXion as our carrier independent data center facility provider.

Private Cloud at Brussels Airlines

The best example of the scalability, elasticity, stability and value for money of ASP’s Private Cloud is the annual Brussels Airlines flight tickets sale for the music festival Tomorrowland, where more than 50.000 users rush to buy the limited amount of available tickets in only a few hours. We provision more than 20 cloud servers with the right load balancing and security set-up for this event. And we are proud to do it for several years now.


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