Back up As A Service (BAAS)

Back up As A Service (BAAS)

One of the many challenges of the IT department is to protect data (backing them up), keep them at a save place and be able to restore all data (from many years) within the briefest delays. Because these challenges require some investments and maintenance, it is not always possible for companies to do.
The easiest way to save backups, is on local storage. Too many times, this storage is physically located in the same area as the production environment. Some companies still use tapes and store them remotely.

Storing tapes outside of your company is a save place in case of disaster. However the time to restore is much higher compared to saving your backups locally. You have to wait until the tape arrives, then you need to import the tape in your backup software and finally you can restore the file(s). In worst case, your tape is not readable anymore (physical damage) and you cannot restore the file(s).

The better option is to store your backed-up data in another data center online. This setup is the safest; it requires an investment and maintenance: remote hosting and some soft-/hardware.
With Backup as a Service (BAAS) this investment and maintenance vanishes. You only need to maintain the backup job that copies the data towards the Service Provider.
With BAAS you store your backed-up data on save place and make is accessible, anytime, anyplace. You can manage the data that you replicate yourself: no worries about hardware or security.

ASP as BAAS Service Provider

ASP is a Veeam BAAS Service Provider, and we offer plain storage capacity to store your backups. We do recommend VEEAM as the preferred backup solution.
Veeam has 2 products for 2 types of BAAS: cloud storage for Veeam Backup & Replication and Veeam Backup for Office 365.

BAAS for Office 365

Do you know you have to back up your data in Office 365! No? Because Microsoft does not. Indeed, Microsoft takes backups of the Office 365 but only use them to restore data on the moment they lose data due to patches or hardware outages. You cannot call Microsoft to restore an email you accidentally deleted or file that was corrupted of a certain user neither for SharePoint site that got messed up, because someone did a wrong manipulation by accident. It is up to the Office 365 tenant admin to foresee backup for his (user) data.
Like mentioned before, ASP manages the backup service for you. On Office 365 we can backup mailboxes, SharePoint sites and OneDrive for Business drives. The only thing that is required, is global access to your Office 365 tenant. This backup doesn’t require anything from your side.

BAAS for your on-premises backups

ASP also offers the service to drop your backups in our DataCenter without any upfront investment on your side. To be able to do so, we use the Veeam Cloud Connect technology. Customers of Veeam Backup & Replication can add ASP as Service Provider and copy their backups directly onto ASP’s cloud storage.

Are you struggling with backups or backup strategy?

When the answer to this question is yes or maybe, do not hesitate to contact ASP. It will be our pleasure to define a backup strategy that meets your requirements. Regardless whether the data is on premise, in Azure or Office 365.

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