NowForum Amsterdam 2016

NowForum Amsterdam 2016

On Tuesday 25th October 2016, I attended with several colleagues from ASP, the first NowForum organised by ServiceNow in Amsterdam. This event was part of 9 city tours organised by ServiceNow across the globe.

The NowForum was a combination of keynote presentations, customer testimonials, technical sessions, hands-on labs and exhibitions. It was also a great opportunity for networking with users, partners and employees from ServiceNow. The scene for this event was the lovely ‘Beurs van Berlage’.

My general feeling after the event is that ServiceNow is a dynamic company with enthusiastic employees, partners and customers. I really enjoyed attending the event, talking to the people there. I really felt welcome at the ServiceNow community.

Service Management & Customer Service become more intertwined

The agenda was well-stocked: keynote speeches from ServiceNow employees and management were followed by client and user testimonials.

  • ServiceNow highlighted its vision and the markets they are seeing, such as: Service Management and Customer Service are increasingly mixed, thus ServiceNow sees itself more and more as an overall platform for the Enterprise. With their platform, they address a market of more than $ 60 billion annually.
  • The proactive identification and resolving of problems before customers become aware of them is a trend that will become even more important in the near future, and which ServiceNow is the appropriate platform for.

There are two testimonials that I remember very clearly:

  • The testimonial from Agfa. They accepted the challenge to roll out the platform across several countries and for one of the most demanding markets: hospitals. They started with ServiceNow back in 2012 and they still reap the benefits of the successful implementation.
  • The testimonial from the Cern. Their challenge was to streamline more than 300 different processes throughout the entire organization. The Cern site in Switzerland is actually a “village” where 15,000 people stay. They own hotels, a library, a medical care center etc. They managed to streamline all of this by implementing ServiceNow. Users can now apply for any service through a single application: the portal of ServiceNow.

ServiceNow – Platform for the Enterprise of the future

Talking with customers and partners showed that ServiceNow is one of the most promising platforms for the enterprise in the coming years. ASP is fully committed to the Servicenow Platform and is curently heavily investing to build the knowledge in this ITSM solution and more broadly service solution.

If you want to increase your users’ satisfaction while managing your IT infrastructure, assets and application in an efficient way, give us a call and we can show you the benefits you can get from the ServiceNow platform.

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