Anywhere, anytime and on any device…

Anywhere, anytime and on any device…

The last months have demonstrated our abilities and limitations as human beings and companies to deal with (fast) changes and unexpected events.

The priority for all of us has been to make sure our families and colleagues are all safe. This means for most of us that working from home has become the new normal.  At the same time enterprises and organizations needed to continue delivering their products, support and services to their customers, especially organizations playing a role in the fight against Covid: Hospitals, medical care organizations and pharmaceutical companies.  This was simpler for companies prepared for it, having a robust organization in including a solid IT infrastructure and digital processes in place. At ASP, we have been supporting our customers in this journey with the best-in-class tools to:

  • Monitor IT infrastructures: Dynatrace
  • Connect the different tools, platforms and databases: Boomi
  • Digitize processes and workflows across the company on a single platform: ServiceNow

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These 3 market leaders tools (as per Gartner quadrant studies), enable companies to guarantee their employees and customers continuous access to their services.  

Monitor your infrastructure

For your business to run 24/7, you need to be aware of, understand, and anticipate any issue with your infrastructure. Thanks to the monitoring and Artificial intelligence capabilities of Dynatrace, you can achieve that in an intuitive and automated manner. Now,  ServiceNow can even be integrated with Dynatrace allowing all your activities and requests to be tracked in a single tool.

Integrate your enterprises’ applications and let your data flow between them automatically

Better communication across your company means that you have more than the best-in-class VoIP setup and email server. This also means that all your data is shared and accessible at any time, anywhere to whoever needs it within the application they are accessing, being your colleagues or customers.

This is all possible using Boomi’s Application Integration Platform. For instance, it allows you to seamlessly bi-directionally connect and synchronize between your CRM (Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce) and your ERP ( SAP, Oracle, etc.)

By harnessing the power of the cloud combined with Boomi’s pervasive intelligence you will be able to unify everything inside and outside of an enterprise environment. Organizations can smoothly integrate data from legacy applications while adding the agility of new platforms like ServiceNow Microsoft Azure of Oracle Netsuite.

Digitized Workflows at any level of the organization with your in-house citizen developers

As we work remotely and globally, new simple communications channels, processes and flows need to be defined and adapted across companies to:

  • Increase customer/employees satisfaction
  • Save time and money
  • Define roles and ownerships
  • Track and be able to retrieve data history

To do this, you can count on the unique capabilities of Boomi and ServiceNow. Both are low-code, no-code tools meaning that anyone with limited or no programming skills can start developing the applications and processes he needs to ease his daily operations. This is what we call citizen developers: professionals from any department, are able to develop apps that meet their expectations and adapt them as the needs evolve.

The Boomi and ServiceNow Platforms have also allowed putting in place apps all around the planet to support medical care and doctors in these challenging times, in a record time. Certain apps have for example been set up allowing to locate the closest Covid test center or to deal with the peak of needs for data treatment and urgent medical material etc. ServiceNow also developed specific apps to help companies managing a safe return to the office including working space and meeting room booking.

Anywhere – Anytime

Cloud platforms enable you to digitize workflows and to run your infrastructure flawlessly and safely 24/7. In addition to this, cloud platforms allow your community to use your services when and from where they want.

Customers and employees need to be able to access resources, data and tools from any place, on any device and at any time. This was perceived as a nice-to-have for a long time already but this has now become a must-have. This can be achieved by using cloud-based solutions such as Dynatrace, Boomi and ServiceNow. That means that those tools and their access do no depend on your own infrastructure or network capabilities so that unexpected high loads from one-day to the other can be handled at no extra cost or stress for the IT teams.


The situation we are in today forced us to accelerate the adoption of new ways of working and communicating. There is no doubt this will affect the future of our connection to the workplace and our colleagues and that most of us won’t be commuting 5 days a week to the office anymore in the future. This also opens new possibilities in the workplace. Distance will not be a showstopper anymore to consider a career opportunity or to relocate with family in the countryside….

All of this will be made simpler for companies with the right tools and mindset and the ASP team can help you be ready for it and take care of it while you focus on your employees and customers.

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