Create and maintain perfect software experiences for your developers with Dynatrace

Create and maintain perfect software experiences for your developers with Dynatrace

Do you have IT applications that are slow? Can you run your applications in a cost-effective way? Are they always available everywhere? Is your newly developed software running better than your previous release?

Real-time information about the availability and speed of applications that give you better insights into your IT environment. It allows your organization to take measures to improve application behavior and performance.

A common problem is that a company’s application landscape is very complex. The challenge is to manage and interpret the enormous amount of information in a well-organized way. You need answers instead of a mess of data. By using Artificial Intelligence at the core, Dynatrace advises you how certain issues can be solved structurally and be prevented in the future.

This cloud or on-premises service manages the availability and performance of software applications. It ensures that the impact on user experience is reduced in the form of in-depth transaction tracing, synthetic, real user and infrastructure monitoring. Dynatrace includes performance management software for applications that run both on-premises and in the cloud.

Thanks to this Artificial Intelligence, Dynatrace offers a unique way to monitor your kuberneties environment. By just installing the Dynatrace agent on the environment, you can monitor the kuberneties host. This is a significant advantage comparing to similar solutions.

Dynatrace allows you to create and maintain perfect software experiences for your end-users. Let our team of experts help you!

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